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What are your plans to ensure the safety and security of all residents, in a nutshell?

Three Tac vehicles with integrated radio network across all security providers

Two 24-7 Law Enforcement officers mobile in the Tac vehicles with powers to fine and arrest, including preventing the spread of shacks by reacting to new ones within minutes

State-of-the-art cameras covering the perimeter greenbelt point to point, plus all other key greenbelt areas, major roads and almost every road intersection in the suburb, Licence Plate Recognition where required, all professionally monitored with AI analytics and armed response from the three Tac vehicles

Guard foot patrols along the beachfront, dialled up and down depending on season, busy beach days etc

Integrated social development plan for vetted Community Car Guards the whole length of Victoria Rd and more, displacing unofficial car guards, providing eyes and ears and crime intel, linked by radio

Systematically upgrading all greenbelt areas to make them safe, enjoyable places to visit, thereby displacing vagrants, criminal elements, and shack builders.

Read our business plan for more details.