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Why in Camps Bay?

A long term deterioration in the standard of municipal services provided to Camps Bay, together with a number of public safety incidents, motivated members of the community to investigate whether a City Improvement District  (CID) should be established in Camps Bay, and in accordance with City of Cape Town requirements, a Steering Committee has been established.

The proposed CID includes the beachfront and village, the Glen and Roundhouse, Rontree 1 and 2, Bakoven and the open land alongside. Camps Bay High School, Glen Country Club and Maidens Cove and adjacent open spaces, and  Glen Beach bungalows are all excluded because they have already been included in the soon-to-be-established Clifton CID.

The members of the CID Steering Committee are residents of Camps Bay with a track record of community service, drawn from many of the community organisations that work for Camps Bay. Members of the CID Steering Committee receive no compensation and have no special influence over decisions made for funding priorities.

The CID establishment application can only be submitted to the City after a supporting vote of not less than 60% of rateable property owners within the CID area has been attained.

Should the CID establishment application be successful, the Camps Bay CID Steering Committee will establish a Non-Profit Company (NPC) in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.  Once it is established, property owners will be able to apply for membership thereof.  A public meeting will be held within 6 months of establishment to elect directors, appoint an auditor and approve the financial year budget.

There are currently over 40 CIDs successfully operating within the City of Cape Town, with the closest ones to us being Llandudno and Sea Point, with Clifton likely to be established soon.

Currently, the community relies on a small number of residents who volunteer extraordinary amounts of time and effort to keep Camps Bay’s gradual decline in check. This is no longer sustainable. A CID will provide Camps Bay with a long-term, well-funded solution that will protect and elevate Camps Bay’s status as a world class place to live, work and visit.

We hope you will support us in this journey.


Camps Bay CID Steering Committee

What makes us different?

Steering Committee

The steering committee members are all very active in the community already and have all lived here 5-20 years.

Team Work

Camps Bay is unique because all relevant role players already work closely with each other. SAPS, Law Enforcement, Community Police Forum, Neighbourhood Watch, Ratepayers Association, Ignisive, Business Forum, etc. to name a few.


Funding was raised to employ people to run the implementation professionally. No reliance on volunteer work which is usually part-time and adhoc.


All people involved are experienced in their field with years of service.

Area Map

CBCID Boundary Map