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What is a CID?

A City Improvement District (CID) also known as a Special Rating Area (SRA) is a clearly defined geographical area in which property owners pay additional property rates to fund “top up” municipal services to improve or upgrade that specific area.

SRAs can be commercial, industrial, residential or a combination of any of these and are known as Improvement Districts, City Improvement Districts, Business Improvement Districts, or Community Improvement Districts.

“Top up” services typically include:

  • additional public safety;
  • cleaning services;
  • urban maintenance;
  • upgrading of the environment and
  • social upliftment

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered

A City Improvement District focuses on 6 key areas

Safety & Security

Safety & security is normally the main priority that takes up about 50%-60% of the focus and budget.

Cleaning Services

Cleanliness of this area can be improved by various means to enhance the aesthetics.

Maintenance of Infrastructure

The maintenance of existing infrastructure like roadside curbs, road markings and parks.

Upgrading of the Environment

Improving the asthestics of Camps Bay, removing alien vegetation, etc.

Social Upliftment

Dealing with the homeless and vagrant situation in Camps Bay whilst creating job opportunities.


Communication with the community is key. The CID will be informing the residents of security related events, road closures, liquor license applications, etc.