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Why isn’t XYZ on the Steering Committee?

Any group of residents in good standing with the City may form a Steering Committee and apply to the City of Cape Town to establish a CID in their area.

Several attempts have been made to establish a CID in Camps Bay over the years, and all have failed at or near the first hurdle.

The reality is that attempting to establish a CID for the whole of Camps Bay, and obtaining the required votes (nearly 2,000) is an extremely difficult task, requiring a great deal of volunteer time coupled with professional assistance.

There are a lot of talented and experienced individuals in Camps Bay who could have joined the committee. The Steering Committee must also comprise a cohesive team without personality or other conflicts, able to work long hours unpaid, under pressure, to achieve a difficult objective.

Between them, the 8 Steering Committee members have more than 100 years of experience, representing all of the major active community organizations in the neighbourhood. The Steering Committee consults a wide range of industry experts, including at the local Camps Bay level, and liaises with other CIDs to inform their decisions. We also have the full-time services of Mo Hendricks, who has 20+ years of experience in CID management in Cape Town, especially in the area of Safety and Security, to advise the Steering Committee.

If anybody would like to join the Board once the CID is live then there will be an opportunity for that when elections for the directors of the non-profit company happen at the AGM.

In the meantime the Steering Committee have all bases well covered.