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Update 22 March 2024

The CID Steering Committee (SC) is pleased to announce that the City of Cape Town has officially confirmed the validity of consents (“yes votes”) amounting to 67.94% of Camps Bay property owners. Valid objections were submitted by 3.52% of property owners, meaning that more than 95% of votes received were cast in favour of the proposed CID.

The proposed Camps Bay CID will in due course therefore be put forward for formal approval by a full sitting of the City Council and remains on track for 1 July start.

The SC once again thanks all who have assisted and supported the process thus far and will continue to work hard to get the CID live as soon as possible after it has been formally approved.

The application in terms of section 5 of the By-law, together with the business plan and other required supporting documentation, may be inspected at 13 Central Drive, Camps Bay (enquiries: Martin Steinau at 083 628 8500 or and the City of Cape Town’s City Improvement District Office, 8th Floor, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town (enquiries: Joepie Joubert at 021 400 5138 or

Final Results

Final Results

What is a CID

What is a 
City Improvement District?

A City Improvement District (CID) also known as a Special Rating Area (SRA) is a clearly defined geographical area in which property owners pay additional property rates to fund “top up” municipal services to improve or upgrade that specific area.

SRAs can be commercial, industrial, residential or a combination of any of these and are known as Improvement Districts, City Improvement Districts, Business Improvement Districts, or Community Improvement Districts.

“Top up” services typically include:

  • additional public safety;
  • cleansing services;
  • urban maintenance;
  • upgrading of the environment; and
  • social upliftment

ABout the project

Find out more about the project and why success is likely for Camps Bay.

A noticeable decline in safety & security, and a steady increase in vagrants and criminal elements around the beachfront, drove a team of residents to start a process that will transform Camps Bay.