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Rapidly rising rates for home owners in Camps Bay. What can the CID do to ensure the CoCT stays reasonable?

Whilst a CID does not have any ability to influence the City’s property valuations or the level at which rates and taxes are set, a community approach to this issue might be facilitated through the CID and the Ratepayers Association. It is important to remember that none of us can determine where in the City our rates and taxes are spent, but all of the money collected via the CID will be spent in Camps Bay.

While the Steering Committee recognises that many property owners are unhappy with the valuations that they have received and therefore the rates that they must pay, it believes that it would be counter-productive to conflate this issue with all of the other pressing problems facing residents and property owners. The valuation issue should be pursued separately.

In other words, whether or not the City’s valuations process is fair does not change the need for us to take control of solving our neighbourhood’s problems with crime, vagrancy, cleansing, and so on.