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Once established, will the CID continue in perpetuity? How are future budgets handled? And how can the CID be terminated in future if that is what residents want?

Once established, the CID will continue until it is dissolved. A business plan is submitted every 5 years in accordance with City of Cape Town procedures, subject to approval by members. (Any property owner within the boundaries of the CID, in good standing with the City, may become a member)


1.     The Council may dissolve a special rating area:

(a) upon written application signed by the majority of owners within the boundaries of the special rating area who are liable for paying the additional rate; or 

(b) after prior consultation by the CFO with the management body or the community, for any good cause, whereupon he or she may cause the management body to be wound up. 

(2) Upon the winding up of a management body, the entire net value of the management body, including its net assets remaining after the satisfaction of all its liabilities, shall be disposed of in terms of the relevant provisions of the Companies Act and the memorandum of incorporation of the management body.