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In general terms, how does voting work?

You need to complete and sign a special voting form (technically a ‘consent/objection form’).

This may be done electronically here or by physically printing and signing a hard copy and returning it to us. You can print the hard copy form here.

Only the registered property owner (or in the case of a Trust or Company, a duly authorised representative) may sign the voting form.

Abstaining is equivalent to voting against the CID, since only ‘yes’ votes will count towards the target of 60% of eligible votes required to proceed with the CID.

Please don’t abstain. If you feel a CID is the right thing for Camps Bay, please vote in favour. If you are opposed to the CID, then object using the same voting form. There is too much at stake here to simply do nothing.

The voting process has been designed to conform fully with the City of Cape Town City Improvement District By-Law 2023 (“CID By-law”) and the CID Policy 2022/23 (“CID Policy“). Information provided on the voting form will be cross-referenced to the City’s database for accuracy. The City further scrutinises the integrity of all voting data as part of their due diligence procedures. Any vote that does not conform with the strict requirements imposed by the City will be invalid.

For clarity, the relevant clauses of the CID Policy read as follows:

10 Obtaining written consent under section 22(2)(b) of the MPRA

10.1 The written consent of proposed ARPs as contemplated in section 6(15) of the By-law is to be evidenced on a consent form based on a template prescribed by the Executive Director.

10.2 Proposed ARPs may indicate their support of, or objection to, the establishment of the proposed CID on a signed consent form and submit same to the steering committee by hand, post, or electronically.

10.3 When submitting the consent forms to the City as required under section 5(9)(b)(ii) of the By-law, the steering committee shall cross-reference each form to the property database contemplated in clause 7.4 of this Policy to verify that the form has been duly submitted by a property owner in the proposed district.

We hope we can count on your support as we enter the final, crucial stage of the CID establishment process.