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You say that CBCSI is running at a loss, why can’t it be resuscitated? Surely we can do all of this with volunteers?

Around 25% of the community pays towards CBCSI. Over the years there’s been plenty of volunteer effort to increase that percentage, but it doesn’t budge.

 And even if we get to 100% then CBCSI still won’t be able to achieve anything close to what a CID can, for many reasons, not just money.

CBCSI has only survived because of the generosity of two large donors who between them have given somewhere in the region of R4-5 million. Without that money CBCSI would have been dead several years ago, and we can’t expect those two people to keep on supporting all the rest of us.

It’s not fair to expect volunteers to do everything while the majority of people freeload.

 So no, CBCSI cannot be rescued. It’s done it’s time, it’s helped us keep our head above water but is no longer a viable solution.