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With a CID providing some municipal services, won’t it mean that the City will be even less likely provide the services we already pay for, and deserve?

In fact we believe the reverse is true. Firstly, once a CID is established, the municipality is required by law to maintain the same services as before. The CID supplements these services (as well as adding new ones not provided by the City, such as monitored cameras and tactical vehicles), it doesn’t replace them.

Secondly, the professional CID management team will hold the City to account to deliver these services we already pay for, and where they are lacking, demand better delivery. This is currently only possible using our dwindling base of volunteers.

As to what we think the municipality SHOULD be providing for the rates that we pay, that is a political question. The answer is to vote for a political party that would allocate a higher proportion of the City’s budget to Camps Bay. That political party doesn’t exist. The alternative is to take meaning control ourselves. That is what a CID will do.