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What policing powers will the CID assume? For example will it have the powers to remove illegal structures, arrest lawbreakers, set up road blocks, carry out drug-related crime interventions and prevention, issue fines and respond to homeowner / business emergencies as a first responder?

A CID does not have special policing powers. Where it will deliver on the examples above is by providing additional resources and coordinating those resources exclusively for the benefit of Camps Bay. For example, additional dedicated law enforcement officers would accelerate the process of removing illegal structures, issuing fines etc.

The purpose of these additional resources is to benefit the whole community; as such it would not replace alarm monitoring companies such as Bay Response and FADT. However, the additional tactical vehicles that the CID would deploy throughout Camps Bay could and would respond to any emergency, including a homeowner or business emergency, and we anticipate that this additional capability would shorten response times to all emergencies.