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Camps Bay Clean is doing a great job picking up litter in the suburb. How will this change when the CID is established?

When compared to the complex problems of ensuring the safety of all residents, the issues around vagrancy, begging and illegal shack building, amongst others, litter picking is straightforward and cheap to solve.

Existing volunteer community clean-up initiatives are doing valuable work, but lack the scale, flexibility, accountability and long-term sustainability to be relied upon as the only solution to keeping the whole of Camps Bay clean at all times.

Therefore the CID will contract a professional team of street sweepers and litter pickers 24-7, which will be dialled up or down depending on the season, busy beach days etc, according to demand. Like all CID contracts, this will be subject to a competitive tender process.

The CID will consult and coordinate with volunteer community cleanup initiatives to integrate with and supplement the work of the professional cleaning team(s) to maximise efficiency, and encourage and support them to the maximum extent possible.