Over 2000 emails sent to property owners in Camps Bay to create awareness of the CID Establishment Process and requesting to complete the Urban Management Survey (UMS).

Emails sent to property owners

Surveys completed by property owners and residents.

Completed Surveys

This survey provided the input for the business plan to make Camps Bay a world class place to live, work and visit.

We require your input and feedback! Please complete the survey.

Urban Management Survey (UMS)

The UMS is used to receive feedback from the community on various topics like safety & security, cleanliness, etc. The result of this survey will form part of the input for the Camps Bay City Improvement District (CID) Business Plan. It is therefore important for you to complete it. We need to know what you want and how you feel about certain aspects.


The process to form a City Improvement District (CID) is strictly defined, controlled and monitored by the City of Cape Town.

60% of the property owners in Camps Bay must agree with the proposal in order for it to be implemented.

Step 1

Engage with City of Cape Town and create Steering Committee. Complete

Step 2

If 95% of the areas rate bills are in good standing the process begins. Complete

Step 3

Inform the community of City Improvement District (CID) plan. Complete

Step 4

Distribute Urban Management Survey (UMS). The survey results form the input of the business plan. Complete

Step 5

Call for a public meeting to present the business plan. In Progress

Step 6

Use input from public meeting and adjust the business plan. Not Started

Step 7

Present final business plan to community. Not Started

Step 8

Gather votes. 60%+1 needed to proceed with application for CID formation. Not Started

Step 9

Once approved form non-profit organisation. Not Started


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