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What happens to the CID budget after the first 5 years?

All new budgets, and therefore all future CID contribution rates, must be approved at an AGM of the members of the Non Profit Company (NPC) that manages the CID. Any property owner in good standing with the City may apply to become a member, and therefore vote on the budget. Budgets are always set for a 5 year period.

The question of the next 5 year budget (2029-2034 as things stand) would therefore be a matter for the NPC at the time and would depend on operational requirements at the time, any surplus the NPC has etc. In addition, any new budget receives a high level of scrutiny from the City of Cape Town, and requires their ratification.

In the case of other CIDs, the contribution rate-in-the-rand tends to stay fairly constant between 5 year budget periods.