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I’m happy for the CID to pay for Safety and Security but I believe the budget for Social Development should be zero.

With no budget for social development, who will liaise with City and Provincial authorities to have street children who aggressively beg and steal taken into care? [By law they cannot simply be removed; see FAQ “I’m in favour of a zero tolerance approach. Why can’t suspected criminals and vagrants be immediately uplifted and removed?

Who will ensure yellow-bib car guards (sometimes aggressive and/or drunk) don’t continue to harass visitors and residents on the beachfront strip? 

Who will liaise with the City’s social workers to ensure shack dwellers have a shelter to move to? (note that this is a legal prerequisite before an existing shack can be removed; see FAQ “Can the CID remove shacks?”). 

Who will ensure that the NGOs whose model includes street handouts and soup kitchens don’t establish operations in Camps Bay, thereby attracting additional street people and rough sleepers into the area?

Who will liaise with tourism organisations, guesthouses and rental agencies to manage continuous responsible giving campagins to reduce well-meaning but misguided handouts by tourists to vagrants and beggars?

These and many more are all practicalities that simply will not be dealt with in the absence a CID that has a meaningful budget for Social Development.

The CID’s budget for Social Development is intricately linked to that of Safety and Security. The CID will have zero tolerance to criminal behaviour as far as the law allows, but without being able to address the issues above, the beachfront problems will not be solved.