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Our newly-appointed management team and 8 new, dedicated Law Enforcement Officers have hit the ground running. During the first week of CID operations there were:

• 44 rough sleeper and homeless person interactions
• 4 persons placed in City shelters
• 17 warnings issued, 1 illegal structure removed
• 36 informal traders checked for compliance, 13 warnings issued
• 20 taxis addressed on various issues, 5 warnings issued
• 18 suspicious person stop-and-searches with various illegal items confiscated
• 200 bags of litter removed from the coastal belt
• 3 construction sites visited to address resident complaints, all contraventions rectified.
• 2 suspects detained and profiled at SAPS for outstanding warrants
• And much more.

For more details, photos, and next steps, please read our ‘First week in review’ newsletter: Click here

Many thanks to the management team for their dedicated, enthusiastic and
capable start and we look forward to even greater progress once all of the CID’s service providers have been engaged.

CBCID Board of Directors