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Gavin Reynolds

Q: How long have you lived in Camps Bay?

A: I’ve lived in Camps Bay since my wedding in 2016.

Q: Before the CID Steering Committee, how have you been involved in local community affairs?

A: I’ve been involved with Camps Bay Watch (CBW) since 2019 and served as both joint Chair and Chair, during which period we drafted a new constitution for CBW.

Q: What is your career and professional background?

A: I have an undergraduate degree from Stellenbosch University and an Executive MBA from UCT’s Graduate School of Business. I left the corporate world a number of years ago and I’m currently involved in several small businesses mainly in tourism, and food manufacturing and distribution.

Q: Anything else that we should know about you?

A: I’ve been married to Keira Powers since 2016. I’m an active sportsman, love adventure and the outdoors, and we travel a lot. I’m an ex Marine officer. A friend and I recently set up an organisation which aims to improve the state of the captive wildlife tourism industry in South Africa.

My involvement in the CID Steering Committee was a natural progression from my involvement with CBW. I believe in active citizenship and I’m committed to the safety and improvement of Camps Bay and its community.