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The CID levy will be included in property owners’ City of Cape Town municipal invoices from July onwards and the CID will be officially live from Monday 1 July.

The CID team are actively engaged with potential suppliers via a formal RFQ (Request For Quotations) process.

Depending on the progress and outcomes of the RFQ process, we anticipate a gradual roll-out of services, ramping up to full capacity in advance of the summer season. More details will be communicated in due course.

The CID team and CBCSI are working closely together to ensure a smooth transition, with CBCSI expected to wind up once the CID’s public safety functions are operational.

Until then, the CBCSI Control Room remains available at 021-438-2000 for assistance with any matters related to public safety or municipal services.

For more information, please see the CID Implementation Phase FAQs, click here