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Shayne Krige

Q: How long have you lived in Camps Bay?

A: Having grown up in Johannesburg, I spent twelve years living in France before moving to Camps Bay in 2011.

Q: Before the CID Steering Committee, how have you been involved in local community affairs?

A: I have been involved in a number of environmental legal matters affecting Camps Bay and other parts of the Western Cape and have been part of the neighbourhood watch in Camps Bay since moving here. 

Q: What is your career and professional background?

A: I graduated from WITS University Law School and completed my articles in Johannesburg. Having qualified as an attorney, I moved to Paris, where I requalified as a solicitor and practised at various international bars specialising in corporate law. Our son arrived in 2010 and in 2011 we decided to move back to sunnier South Africa. Since then I have been a director at Werksmans Attorneys.

Q: Anything else that we should know about you?

A: I am a keen windsurfer and you will sometimes find me mountain biking the paths around Camps Bay. My partner, Heike Brunner, is passionately involved in various outreach programs in Cape Town, especially those targeting the youth. Having been involved in various volunteer programs, it has become clear to us that our community will only be served if citizens have some control over the resources being deployed in the community. We simply cannot rely on government any longer and voluntary security and outreach programmes are all very well, but they tend to be funded and staffed by the same people who, over time, suffer from fatigue. The CID gives us the opportunity to involve the whole community in addressing issues of crime, cleanliness and poverty professionally and directly within our community. It gives us a stable financial and organisational base to deploy long-term programmes. I have volunteered for the CID because I believe that it is the only solution that will protect the value of our investment in Camps Bay and address the rising social problems we face in a humane and structured manner.